Amazing 3D lamps - Illusion Lamp
Amazing 3D lamps - Illusion Lamp
Amazing 3D lamps - Illusion Lamp
Amazing 3D lamps - Illusion Lamp
Amazing 3D lamps - Illusion Lamp
Amazing 3D lamps - Illusion Lamp
Amazing 3D lamps - Death Star / Touch 7 Colors - Illusion
Amazing 3D lamps - BB-8 style 1 / Touch 7 Colors - Illusion
Amazing 3D lamps - BB-8 style 2 / Touch 7 Colors - Illusion
Amazing 3D lamps - Darth Vader / Touch 7 Colors - Illusion
Amazing 3D lamps - R2-D2 style 1 / Touch 7 Colors
Amazing 3D lamps - R2-D2 style 2 / Touch 7 Colors
Amazing 3D lamps - Millenium Falcon / Touch 7 Colors
Amazing 3D lamps - Stormtrooper / Touch 7 Colors - Illusion


Amazing 3D lamps

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Amazing 3D lamp Just For You

3D lamps !!!

Our 3D lamps are the ultimate gift ! They are a 2D perspex wireframe lamp that gives the optical illusion of 3D depth be controlled via the remote control light switch or manually by hand. It is made to impress, so either give one away to someone you love or get one for yourself as an amazing decoration!

  • This light features a transparent panel with 3D  Star War pattern, adding fantastic atmosphere to your gatherings or indoor decoration and yet are versatile enough to be used as mood lighting for intimate celebrations year round
  • The color can be adjustable to be one color or multi color
  • Energy saving. LED Life Span: 10000 hours
  • Change up the mood by selecting 7 different color modes just by pushing the control button on the base
  • Simple and stylish design,suit for christmas,birthday,anniversary,housewarming,graduation,engagement,valentines, romantic time and many other special occasions

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We're thrilled to support Nanhi Pari Foundation a Girl Child Right Organization which works for Education, Health & Nutrition for Girl Children.              


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Amazing 3D lamp Just For You

 Star War Facts

1. Yoda was almost played by a monkey.
According to the book The Making of Star Wars by J.W. Rinzler, George Lucas originally planned for Yoda to be played by an adorable monkey wearing a mask and carrying a cane.

2. "Ewok" was never spoken in the original trilogy.
The word "Ewok" is never uttered by a character in the original trilogy. Although, the species is identified in the script and closing credits.

3. Boba Fett's face is actually visible in the original movies.
You may think you never see Boba Fett's face in the original trilogy, but the actor who played Fett, Jeremy Bulloch, did stand in for an Imperial officer at the last minute.

4. "I have a bad feeling about this" became a running gag for the franchise.
The phrase "I have a bad feeling about this" or "I have a very bad feeling about this" is said in every Star Wars movie.

5. Return of the Jedi almost had a very different ending.
In a story development session for Return of the Jedi, George Lucas toyed with the idea that after Luke removes dying Vader's helmet, he puts it on, proclaims "Now I am Vader" and turns to the dark side.

6. 'N Sync nearly had a cameo in Attack of the Clones.
Boy band 'N Sync made a cameo in Attack of the Clones at the request of George Lucas' daughter. They were edited out of the final cut. Bye, bye, bye, Justin Timberlake.

7. Yoda has no determined species.
Yoda's species has never been named. A mystery, it is.

8. Yoda is not a Muppet.
Legendary Muppeteer Frank Oz voiced Yoda and Jim Henson oversaw his creation, but he was built by a member of Lucasfilm. So don't expect to see him at Kermit's holiday party.

9. Depending on what movie you're watching, Yoda has a different number of toes.
In The Phantom Menace, Yoda has three toes. But in The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith, he has four.

10. There are no female fighter pilots in the original trilogy.
Even though female fighter pilots were in the original screenplay, they were removed from final cut.

11. Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey share almost the exact same production crew.
George Lucas admired Stanley Kubrik, and when he set out to make Star Wars, he hired so many people who worked on 2001: A Space Odyssey that the group was referred to as "The Class of 2001."

12. The Star Wars prequels used computer animation to create legions of Clone Troopers
No physical suit of armor was ever built for the Clone Troopers in the prequels. Every single Clone Trooper was computer animated.

13. Qui-Gon Jinn used a Gillette razor for his communicator.
In Episode 1, the personal communicator used by Qui-Gon Jinn is actually made from a resin cast of a Gillette Ladies Sensor Excell Razor. Now that's smooth.

14. E.T. was in The Phantom Menace — sort of.
The alien race of E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial makes an appearance in Episode I: The Phantom Menace — officially connecting the worlds of Lucas and Spielberg sci-fi. A senator and his delegation from planet Brodo Asogi are present in the Grand Convocation Chamber when Queen Amidala calls for a vote of no confidence.

15. Ewoks speak Tibetan.
The Ewok language is a combination of Tibetan and Nepalese

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