High Pressure Car Cleaner - Gold - Accessories
High Pressure Car Cleaner - Accessories
High Pressure Car Cleaner - Accessories
High Pressure Car Cleaner - Accessories
High Pressure Car Cleaner - Accessories
High Pressure Car Cleaner - Accessories
High Pressure Car Cleaner - Accessories
High Pressure Car Cleaner - Accessories
High Pressure Car Cleaner - Accessories


High Pressure Car Cleaner

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Car High Pressure Gun

High-Pressure Car Cleaner !!!

You want to get rid of dirt the deepest and fastest from your car without having to carry it to car cleaning service. And you always want a clean and fresh atmosphere in your car. Buy this product right away and enjoy the comfort of your fantastic car. No nasty smell from food, pets or anything else. Now you can save money, more time doing other things, spend time with your child, and reading a new book. Is that great?

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Car High Pressure Gun

High Pressure Gun !!!

Summer is great, but it's dirty. Before you know it, mud, pollen, mildew, dried grass clippings, and the greasy film from air pollution can cover everything in sight. The pressure washer makes short work of tough cleaning jobs and solves other problems such as removing flaking or blistered paint.
While you might have some intuitive sense for how much size and power you require from a tool like a lawnmower, most homeowners are less familiar with pressure washers. So, how much oomph do you really need?


"Selecting the right machine is pretty simple," says William Alexander, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Simpson Pressure Washer in Elk Grove Village, Ill. "First, decide on the kind of work you're going to do, then select the right machine from one of three categories. They'll handle most residential, light-commercial, and, in some cases, professional cleaning jobs. Being aware of your cleaning goal will help you make your purchase decision and provide you with the best pressure washer for the application."

Electric: 1300 to 1900 psi

Home use: car washing, outdoor furniture, grills, plastic play sets, small decks and patios.

Look for: Compact size and lightweight, flexible high-pressure hose; a variety of nozzles; pro-style steel spray wand; onboard detergent tank; onboard storage for spray gun; wand; nozzles; hose; and power cord.

Gas engine: 2000 to 3100 psi (2 to 2.5 gallons per minute)

Home and shop use: Decks, patios, siding, fences, vehicles, boats.

Look for: Premium overhead cam or overhead-valve engine; axial cam pump with an aluminum or brass head to handle higher pressures; heavy-duty frame; large wheels; poly-braided or steel-braided high-pressure hose; pro-style steel spray wand with quick-connect coupling; and a variety of spray tips.

Gas engine: 3200 to 4200 psi (2.8 to 4 gallons per minute)

Professional-duty: Paint stripping and surface preparation, graffiti removal, construction-site cleaning jobs, fleet maintenance.

Look for: Commercial-series engine; commercial-duty triplex pump; heavy-gauge welded steel frame and solid-steel axle; steel-braided high-pressure hose; heavy-duty pneumatic tires on steel hubs; pro-style steel spray wand with quick-connect coupling; and a variety of spray tips.


A few simple ways to get the most out of your pressure washer:

• When cleaning vertical surfaces, wash from the bottom up, and rinse from the top down.

• Pressure washer nozzles are color-coded to indicate the narrowness and forcefulness of their spray pattern: White is 40 degrees, green is 25 degrees, yellow is 15 degrees, and red is 0 degrees. Black is a low-pressure nozzle used for dispensing soap.

• As a general rule, use the broadest, lowest-pressure nozzle that will deliver adequate cleaning, because using too narrow a nozzle can cut into the surface you're trying to clean.

• Spray in an inconspicuous area to test the nozzle before pressure-washing more visible areas. This way, if you are using too narrow a nozzle or find that you need to refine your technique, at least you won't harm a noticeable surface.

• Hold the tip of the pressure-washing nozzle at an angle above the surface you are cleaning and at a distance to prevent damage.

• Always avoid spraying water behind or under vertical surfaces such as lap siding, and into light fixtures or air-conditioning equipment, electrical outlets, soffit vents, or attic vents.

• Keep the nozzle moving to prevent the water from cutting into the surface.

• Add fuel stabilizer to the gasoline before filling the pressure washer's fuel tank.

• Use a pump preservative such as Simpson Pump Guard when storing the machine over the winter to protect the pump against freezing and corrosion.

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