LED Grow Light For Plants - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - 60W - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - 36W - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - 45W - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - 27W - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - 30W - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - 18W - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - 15W - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - 9W - Home garden
LED Grow Light For Plants - 3W - Home garden


LED Grow Light For Plants

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Digital Forehead Thermometer

LED Grow Light For Plants!!! 


  • Timer modes - 4 hours, 8 hours and 12 hours;
  • Three options to choose the lighting quantity and Red/Blue-Ray switch
  • Made of Aluminum & PVC, lightweight and durable with good heat dissipation.
  • Low consumption and environment friendly.
  • 360° flexible goosenecks make it able to adjust any direction or the lighting area.
  • With an adjustable clip which max to 2.5 inch for you to fix it on most place stably.
  • Life Time: 50000 hours

BLUE LIGHT influences the formation of chlorophyll, enabling the plant to intake more energy. Plants that receive plenty of blue light grow with strong, healthy stems and leaves. This process is called photomorphogenesis.
RED LIGHT contributes to optimal development. It's essential to a plant's early life for seed germination, root growth, and bulb development. It also makes the plant yield better results when flowering

Led grow light for plants

Led grow light for plants

Led grow light for plants

Led grow light for plants

Led grow light for plants

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Boost breathable shoes mensLED GROW LIGHT BENEFITS

LED grow lights offer many advantages over traditional grow lighting including:

Less power
The primary reason growers chose LEDs over traditional lighting is because of the electricity savings. LED grow lights consume fewer watts to produce about the same amount of usable light as HID bulbs. This is one of the main advantages of growing with LEDs.
The average efficient LED grow light draws about 32 watts to cover one sq ft of grow space for flowering plants. Compare this to a typical HID fixture which will ring in at 62.5 watts per square foot (assuming a 4’ x 4’ area, or 16 sq ft coverage area). Extra energy savings can also be attained since less ventilation and/or air conditioning is required to keep the room at a stable temperature.

Low Heat
Fewer watts means less heat in the grow room. On average, LEDs provide a lower wattage per square foot than HID fixtures and therefore will push less heat into the surrounding environment.Ideal ambient temperatures are critical for plant development and metabolism. High temperatures can stress out your plants which can slow down growth, cause wilting, and even kill them if the temperatures are very high even in a short time span.

Light emitting diodes are up to 40%-60% more efficient at converting energy to usable light compared to HID lights. The high-efficiency characteristic of LEDs allows lower energy draw and a low heat signature. LEDs convert about 40%-60%+ of their energy to light, while the other energy is given off as heat. HID bulbs only convert only about 20%-40% of their energy to usable light. What does this mean for the grower? Fewer watts are needed to produce the same amount of light as traditional grow lamps.

Proximity to Plants
LED grow lights can be placed closer to plants than HID lights due to their low heat output—sometimes as close as a few inches! This is advantageous to growers growing in areas limited by height.

Spectrum is key to maximizing your plant’s potential. While light intensity and duration may be the most important factor in driving photosynthesis, In general, cooler, or more blue spectrums, are used for vegetative growth, while warmer, more red spectrums, are used for flowering.

Dimming control
Many LEDs are dimmable from 1%, up to 100% intensity. Dimming control allows a customizable proportion of wavelengths to be introduced to the plants and can also assist in saving additional energy when full intensity is not required.


LED grow lights sometimes contain on-board scheduling (or timing), allowing the grower to program their spectrum and dimming schedules directly into the unit. This feature also reduces the need for an external timer since all timing is built into the fixture's microprocessor. Scheduling allows the grower to manually choose the spectrum and intensity for each hour of the day in a 24 hour period.

Constant Cycling
Turning on and off traditional bulbs more than a typical number of times can shorten their lifetime significantly. However, LEDs can be cycled on and off without compromising the lifetime of the diode.

Controllable Beam Angle
Optics can be placed over the diodes to narrow the focus and increase light intensity. This is analogous to a HID reflector but better, since the beam angle and intensity can be controlled.

Easy to install
The “all-in-one-package” design of an LED grow light makes installation a whole lot easier for small grows.


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