Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner - electronic
Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner - 220V
Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner - electronic
Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner - 110V
Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner - electronic
Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner - electronic
Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner - electronic
Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner - electronic
Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner - electronic
Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner - electronic
Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner - electronic
Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner - electronic
Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner - electronic


Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner

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Ultrasonic Jewelry Laundry Pocket Cleaner  !!!

If you are worried about cleaning deeply your household items without spending too much time, water and energy then check this Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner!

You will not get your items cleaner than this with Mini Ultrasonic Cleaner. For all the clean freaks out there, it’s now easier to remove dirt, grime or bacteria from them. This ultrasonic cleaner cleans deeply while being super portable. Its size is equivalent to your palm only and fit inside anywhere so you can carry around anywhere you go! Just get the bowl of water along with whatever needs sanitised and let your Portable

Ultrasonic Cleaner – Mini Sonic Soak Cleaner do its magic on it!
This Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner uses modulated ultrasonic waves to disintegrate dirt and bacteria at a microscopic level. It sends about 50,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second into the bowl you are using and cleans your valuable items be that Fruits, Jewelleries Or Veggies! These vibrations cause microscopic cavitation bubbles which ultimately hits the surface of what needs to be cleaned and implodes. And resulting pressure washes out dirt, grime, oil or any kind of bacteria.

The best thing about this Ultrasonic Portable Cleaner is that it emits so low amount of sound that is equivalent to the sound of moderate rainfall. You can clean about anything with this, it can be clothing, jewellery, toothbrush, fruits, veggies or toys ¨C just about ANYTHING!

Being portable, you can carry it anywhere you like whether you are travelling or going on a trip! It is completely safe to use and doesn't have any side effect as it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals. It is so gentle yet extremely effective!


Operating Voltage: 110V Or 220V/50Hz
Ultrasonic frequency:50kHz
Net weight:0.43kg
Console size:122*70mm
Working size:92*32mm
Rated power:50W
Cleaning capacity:<2kg
Time setting:four timings: 120/360/720/900 seconds

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Laundry Facts

According to Martha Stewart Living, the more you sort the laundry, the fresher your clothes. Separate very dirty or muddy clothes apart from lightly soiled pieces, and heavy or abrasive fabrics like denim from more delicate ones. (For denim, turn inside out, wash in cold water on a gentle cycle, and dry at a low temperature to prevent fading.) To prevent sheets from twisting, wash each set separately instead of the whole family’s at once, and include smaller items like underwear in the load. According to Donna Smallin Kuper, author of The One-Minute Cleaner, the items help prevent twisting because they have different tumble patterns. Here are some other surprising facts you never knew about laundry.

Don’t put detergent directly on your clothes

Believe it or not, there’s a right and wrong way to load the washing machine. Real Simple says that for best detergent distribution (read: cleaner clothes), place laundry in first, then add water, and lastly add soap. However, if you’re using bleach, add water first, then clothes, and then soap.

Don’t abuse your dryer

If you have time to air dry, do it. Not only do you save energy by not running the dryer, it’s gentler on delicate items and helps stretchy clothing, like yoga pants, to keep their shape. Whenever you do tumble-dry, don’t overload the dryer, or over-dry fabrics. Then fold or hang them immediately to prevent wrinkles. Also, watch out for these things you should never put in your dryer.

Don’t mix socks with clothes

Tired of losing one less sock every time you do a load? Try placing socks in the washer first, then adding everything else. This makes them less likely to attach to other garments, which often causes them to go missing.

Don’t leave zippers open

Loose zippers can snag delicate clothing, as well as scratch the doors of front-loading washers. Make sure they’re all the way up before you toss in the machine. Also, unclipped bras can pull fabrics or damage the drum if they fly around loose. Invest in lingerie bags or an old pillowcase as a solution.

Don’t leave dress shirts buttoned

Yes, zippers should be fastened, but buttons should not. Washing a button-down shirt with the buttons fastened can damage the buttons and rip the buttonholes. And don’t forget about the cuff and collar buttons either!

Don’t forget a quick “bleeding” test

If you’re worried about that new red shirt the first time you wash it, do this easy test to find out before a mess happens. “Dampen a discreet spot, then blot it with a white cloth to see if the dye bleeds. If so, wash the item on its own until the color stops running,” according to Martha Stewart Living. You can also include an old white sock in the wash to check.

Don’t skip the filter and hose when clearing the lint trap

Empty the lint filter after every cycle, because lint buildup can clog the duct and become a fire hazard. It’s also important to actually clean the filter about once a year. Scrub with a toothbrush dipped in detergent, then rinse and air-dry. Also, detach the hose from the back of the dryer about once a year (you’ll know it’s time when it takes more than an hour to dry a load), then snake a long brush through and push out lingering lint.

Don’t scrub stains

You may think the best way to treat a stain is to give it elbow grease, vigorously scrubbing the stain with detergent. But that’s not the best course of action, and it could even result in the stain spreading. Instead, gently dab the stain, working from the outside in. And, of course, the earlier you treat it, the more likely it is to go away.

Don’t wash items that should be dry cleaned

If clothing has a “dry clean” label, proceed with caution. Some items don’t actually need to be dry cleaned; if you’re dealing with natural fibers, like linens and silks, it’s probably safe to hand-wash them and let them air-dry. But for items like leather, suede, and “structured pieces” (like blazers and suits), you’ll probably want to obey that label.

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