Ionic filter shower head - bathroom accessories
Ionic filter shower head - bathroom accessories
Ionic filter shower head - bathroom accessories
Ionic filter shower head - bathroom accessories
Ionic filter shower head - bathroom accessories
Ionic filter shower head - showerhead +-balls / 3 inch -
Ionic filter shower head - 2 begs filter balls / 3 inch -
Ionic filter shower head - showerhead / 3 inch - bathroom
Ionic filter shower head - showerhead+-hose / 3 inch -
Ionic filter shower head - showerhead-set1 / 3 inch -
Ionic filter shower head - showerhead-set2 / 3 inch -
Ionic filter shower head - showerhead-set3 / 3 inch -
Ionic filter shower head - bathroom accessories


Ionic Filter Shower Head

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Ionic Filter Shower Head !!!

Bathroom 3-Function SPA shower head with switch on/off button high Pressure Anion Filter Bath Head Water Saving Shower

Are you worried about wasting water in the shower?
-Pinhole outlet panel makes the nozzle have tiny water holes and special structure, which can achieve 30% water saving effect under high pressure, saving you money invisibly.
Are you worried that insufficient water will damage your skin and hair?
-Filter beads to eliminate harmful chlorine and its vapors and reduce residual impurities in the water.
-Make water molecules into small molecules, help to improve skin dryness, reduce oil secretion, increase cell viability, make skin smoother and reduce hair loss.

  • Three-speed adjustment: Choose from 3 shower modes and enjoy the luxury experience of an shower spa.
  • Efficient filtration: Turns tap water into clean and soft water through the softening function of the filter beads in the shower head.
  • Save water flow: Pinhole outlet panel can save 30% of water and save money.
  • Improve the skin: Makes the skin smoother, reduces oil secretion and improves cell viability.
  • Easy to disassemble: The new generation of filter showers is removable, easy to clean and prevents clogging.
  • Excellent quality: It is made of high quality and environmentally friendly ABS material, which can withstand high temperature and drop and prevent damage.
  • Easy to install: Connect to any standard hose in seconds and you can use it
  • Features:

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Fun Facts About Bathroom

Considering that it is the solution to nature’s calls, the main source of a hygienic lifestyle and the room that no contemporary household can function properly without, the bathroom usually goes unnoticed and overlooked. In this article you’ll find 7 bathroom facts that we are guessing you never knew, that you’ll be surprised to find out about and probably some (that like us) you’ll wish were not true.

1- The average person spends at least 92 days in the toilet over their lifetime

Yes, that’s right. The average person uses the toilet around 5 to 7 times a day, adding up to an impressive 2500 times a year. Taking into account the minutes that you spend each time, you could be spending from more than three months to even three years of your life in the toilet.

2- The oldest bathtub yet discovered dates back to 1500BC

Greece might be the birthplace of Philosophy and Democracy but it seems that it is also the birthplace of the oldest bathtub that has yet been discovered. The bathtub was designed for the Queen’s bathroom in the Palace of Knossos in Crete and dates all the way back to the Minoan epoch.

3- There is a Toilet Themed Park

You’ve heard right! South Korea is the first (and probably the last) country to have ever opened a “Restroom Cultural Park”. This one-of-a-kind-park opened its doors to the public in 2012 and features a toilet shaped museum, toilet sculptures and toilet- related art. It is also probably the best place to find out more rare bathroom facts.

4- Most people use their mobile phones while in the bathroom

Don’t deny it! We know you do too. Surveys have shown that most people like to use their phones while on the toilet, whilst many of them have admitted to texting, emailing or even making or answering phone calls! It shouldn’t come as a surprise then, that 7 million phones around the world find their way down the toilet each year!

5- You can pay in advance online to use a public toilet

Venice has introduced a new public toilet system, where you can go online and pay for your public toilet visit in advance and you can also purchase a daily or weekly pass. This can be a good solution for tourists as Venice has many shops and cafes that lack public toilets.

6- 70% of people in the UK have this unbelievably unhygienic habit

Studies have shown that 70% of people in the UK don’t wash their hands properly when using the bathroom. This means that most people don’t use soap or don’t wash their hands at all! This leads to bacteria and disease to spread. Even though saving water is really important, next time do yourself and the rest of the world a favour and wash your hands properly.

7- The 19th of November is marked as “World Toilet Day”

Since 2001, the 19th of November is celebrated as “World Toilet Day”. It was established by the World Toilet Organisation and has as its purpose to bring awareness and shed light on issues of sanitation and its impact on the world’s health and well-being.

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